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Plastic Lighting Globes & Enclosures
Acrylic & Polycarbonate
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Eggcrate Louvers
Plastic Eggcrate Louvers play an important role in the lighting, ceiling, elevator cab, display, HVAC and packaging industries. 

Plastic Parabolic Louvers
The entire Paracube Family products represents  the ultimate in contemporary architectural design and proves comfortable  lighting. 

Lenses for Elevators
1/2" Aluminum Flat Blade Eggcrate

Plastic Parasquare 4 - P4
Large Cell Low Glare Parabolic Louver
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Flat Blade Aluminum
Eggcrate Louver
A flat bladed panel of various cell sizes fabricated from non-combustible aluminum

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Aluminum Parabolic
Designed to fit most standard fluorescent light fixtures: Large flange design can be trimmed down to proper size.- "Narrow body" design is small enough to clear inside dimensions.

Lumiflux L14
Stock Aluminum Parabolic with
Trimmable Flanges

Stock White Aluminum Straight Blade Baffle
with Trimmable Flanges

LB14 Baffle
Semi-Specular Parabolic Baffle
Stock 2" or 3" on center spacing  
with trimmable flanges

Parabolic Aluminum Retrofit Kit
A series of highly versatile nominal 3" (76mm)
deep parabolic aluminum retrofit kits.

Acrylic Prismatic

Prismatic Pattern 12

RFK2 Retrofit Kit
Accepts your Choice of Diffusers

Angleflex is the most sophisticated injection 
molded directional louver available.

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Aluminum Cross Baffle
Are ideal for perimeter and linear lighting applications. Parabolic Cross baffles create a
unique asymmetrical lighting pattern which is effective in wall wash lighting applications.

Decorona 33 offers the original "circle within a square motif" that has been copied but never equaled.
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Parabolic Aluminum Cross Baffle
A parabolic cross baffle fabricated from non-combustible aluminum. Type PCB is well suited for continuous row applications. 

Parahex (P6) provides the highest degree of uniform cut-off that is available from a small cell louver.

Directional Aluminum Louver
D-107 Series
A directional louver for wall wash and other applications requiring asymmetrical distribution.

Sight-Guard Grilles - Hides Unsightly
Objects in Walls and Ceilings From View

Bafflex Aluminum Cross Baffle
for Curved Walls
The prefect answer to solve the historical problems of lighting and baffling curved wall slots applications.

Revolutionary New Product - Made from Engineered Polymers

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included in prices.

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Tube Guards


We specialize in lighting and replacement lighting of plastic and aluminum eggcrate louvers for new and existing buildings.  We also carry an extensive line of acrylic and polycarbonate spheres, globes, Street Lamp Globes,  Cylinders, Cubes, Hemispheres, Hemisoids , Ellipsoids. Flanged Dome Lens and Special Shapes.

Eggcrate Louvers Flat Blade Aluminum Eggcrate Louver
Plastic Parabolic Louvers Aluminum Parabolic
Lumiflux L14 ATTB-Baffle
LB14 Baffle Parabolic Aluminum Cross Baffle
Parahex Louvers Aluminum Cross Baffle
Sight-Guard Grilles Directional Aluminum Louver
Angleflex Parabolic Aluminum Retrofit Kit
Globes and Spheres RFK2 Retrofit Kit
Special Shapes Decorona

Street Lamp Globes

Bafflex Aluminum Cross Baffle
Dark Sky Reflector Tube Guards
HVAC Eggcrate Return Grilles and Registers
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